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80mm Resonated (Quieter) OPF/GPF Back System

80mm Resonated (Quieter) OPF/GPF Back System

Brand: Milltek


The Milltek 80mm Resonated (Quieter) OPF/GPF Cat-Back System is the perfect upgrade for the Audi RS3. With its advanced design, this premium aftermarket exhaust system will give your vehicle the perfect sound balance between performance and comfort. The 80mm pipe diameter allows for greater flow, which in turn maximizes power gains in all areas. The resonated system has been designed to reduce sound output, giving you a more subtle and refined exhaust note. This system is finished in a polished silver finish, giving your vehicle an aggressive yet sophisticated look. Don’t wait any longer, upgrade your Audi RS3 with the Milltek 80mm Resonated (Quieter) OPF/GPF Cat-Back System and start enjoying the perfect balance between sound and performance. All Milltek exhaust systems come with a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that your upgrade is of the highest quality.

Fitting Guide

Audi > RS3 > 8Y (2021 - Present) > SportbackAudi > RS3 > 8Y (2021 - Present) > Saloon | Sedan

Part Details


Cat & Filter Back Systems








76mm (3")



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