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Active Autowerke BMW E36 Header | M3 325 328

Active Autowerke BMW E36 Header | M3 325 328

Brand: Active Autowerke


For those wishing to improve the performance of their BMW engine, exhaust headers are one of the easiest bolt-on accessories to do so. Our headers were designed to eliminate any back pressure in the manifold, which in turn increases the power, torque and overall performance of a BMW owner's engine. We have carefully designed the headers and the finished result is a product that features two exhaust valves, instead of one, to greatly improve the flow by increasing the size of the hole the exhaust gases travel through. Enthusiasts interested in maximizing their ride's flow efficiency will find exactly what they are looking for with our performance headers!

Part Details


Race success is all about gaining fine edges wherever possible. Sometimes, the edge gained is not so fine, it's downright huge. As is the case of our BMW E36 3-Series Performance Header, designed, tested and proven by the Active Autowerke Race Program.


 • Dyno-tested & Track Proven

 • Bolts to existing Active Autowerke Track Pipe Section B

 • Bolts directly to Active Autowerke E36 Race Exhaust

 • Designed for race application (off road)

 • Polished 100% 304 stainless steel construction

 • Easy installation, no instructions necessary

 • Two year warranty with free tech support

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