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Downpipe w Cat (SS) DP-ME/SS/3/1
Downpipe w Cat (SS) DP-ME/SS/3/1

Downpipe w Cat (SS) DP-ME/SS/3/1

Brand: Akrapovic


Upgrade your vehicle's performance and sound with the Akrapovic Downpipe with Cat (SS) DP-ME/SS/3/1. Designed and developed in conjunction with the Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust system, this downpipe is the perfect addition for drivers looking to take their vehicle to the next level. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this downpipe is built to withstand the rigors of track use while maintaining the comfort and convenience of everyday driving. The high-flow 200 CPSI sport catalytic converter ensures maximum flow and eliminates the OPF for a pure racing experience. The sound level is significantly increased with a deep, powerful tone in the low and mid rev ranges that develops into a pure race-derived acoustic delight at high revs. Every gear shift is accompanied by crackling sounds, and an addictive burbling on every over-run in the sportiest settings. The exhilarating tone is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and the occupants won’t get enough of it! This downpipe is compatible with 2021 vehicles equipped with an Otto/gasoline particulate filter and is specifically designed to fit Mercedes-AMG A 45 / A 45 S (W177) - OPF/GPF 2022 models. With easy installation and a perfect fit, this downpipe is a must-have upgrade for any track enthusiast looking to improve their vehicle's performance and sound. With Akrapovic's reputation for quality and craftsmanship, you can be confident that this downpipe will provide long-lasting performance improvements for your vehicle. Don't settle for a standard exhaust system - upgrade to the Akrapovic Downpipe with Cat (SS) DP-ME/SS/3/1 and experience the ultimate in performance and sound.

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