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Evolution Line (SS) ME-NI/SS/1
Evolution Line (SS) ME-NI/SS/1

Evolution Line (SS) ME-NI/SS/1

Brand: Akrapovic


Looking for a performance exhaust system that delivers power, sound, and style? Look no further than the Akrapovic Evolution Line (SS) ME-NI/SS/1. Designed specifically for the Nissan 370Z, this exhaust system offers a range of benefits that will transform your driving experience. At the heart of the Evolution Line is a high-grade stainless steel muffler, which offers a more aggressive sound compared to the Slip-On system. But that's just the start. The Evolution Line also includes high-flow link pipes with integrated resonators and a crossover tube, replacing the entire exhaust system from the catalytic converters back. This results in power gains across the entire rpm range, with particular improvements in the middle and high sections. But power gains are just the beginning. The Akrapovic Evolution Line is also designed with daily driving in mind. Unlike other performance exhaust systems, there's no droning to ruin your driving experience. Instead, you'll enjoy a more powerful and aggressive sound that's still perfectly acceptable for day-to-day use. And let's not forget about the style. The Evolution Line comes with a set of two exquisite 125 mm tailpipes in sandblasted and coated titanium or carbon fiber. These tailpipes complete the look, giving your Nissan 370Z a sleek and sporty appearance that's sure to turn heads. Installation is a breeze, thanks to the Evolution Line's compatibility with a wide range of Nissan 370Z models. And because it's manufactured by Akrapovic, you can rest assured that you're getting a high-quality product that's built to last. So why wait? Upgrade your Nissan 370Z with the Akrapovic Evolution Line (SS) ME-NI/SS/1 and experience the power, sound, and style you've been dreaming of.

Fitting Guide

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Part Details


+10.4 Nm at 3370 rpm


-3.8 kg


+9.4 kW at 7460 rpm

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