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Evolution Line (Titanium) S-PO/TI/20
Evolution Line (Titanium) S-PO/TI/20

Evolution Line (Titanium) S-PO/TI/20

Brand: Akrapovic


The Akrapovic Evolution Line (Titanium) S-PO/TI/20 is a high-performance exhaust system designed to take your Porsche Cayenne S or Coupé (536) 2021 to the next level. This exhaust is constructed from high-grade lightweight titanium, which not only reduces overall vehicle weight but also delivers extra power and torque through the whole rev range. The central muffler expands to produce two sets of tailpipes, with a choice of either a titanium or carbon-fibre finish designed to complement the lines of the car. One of the unique features of this exhaust is the two valves on either side of the muffler that control the airflow and are contained in valve housings cast in the Akrapovič in-house foundry. This allows you to customize the sound of your car. In the normal mode, the sound is quiet and ideal for town driving and cruising, but it still has the unmistakable Akrapovič feel. However, when you want to turn up the volume, the specially developed and tuned sound delivers a very high-frequency and sporty tone, especially when the car is in the higher rev range. The Evolution Line (Titanium) is compatible with Porsche Cayenne S and Coupé (536) 2021 models, making it an excellent choice for Porsche enthusiasts who want to upgrade the performance of their vehicle. The exhaust is also designed to be easy to install, with no need for any modifications to your car. This means you can have your new exhaust up and running in no time, so you can start enjoying the benefits of increased power and torque. The X-crossing element in the link pipes is another feature that sets this exhaust apart from the competition. This element influences the sound by allowing the exhaust gases to mix from both sides of the engine, placing the resulting combination on par with a finely tuned musical instrument and creating incredible high-frequency overtones as the revs rise. All of this is achieved without any compromise to aural clarity and comfort, making the Akrapovic Evolution Line (Titanium) S-PO/TI/20 the perfect choice for drivers who want to upgrade their vehicle's performance without sacrificing comfort or style. In conclusion, if you're looking for a high-performance exhaust system that delivers extra power and torque, a sporty exhaust note, and a stylish finish, the Akrapovic Evolution Line (Titanium) S-PO/TI/20 is the perfect choice. It's easy to install, compatible with Porsche Cayenne S and Coupé (536) 2021 models, and features a unique X-crossing element in the link pipes that creates incredible high-frequency overtones. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your Porsche today with the Akrapovic Evolution Line (Titanium) S-PO/TI/20.

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+22.3 Nm at 1514 rpm


+4.1 kW at 4955 rpm

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