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Non Resonated (Louder) GPF/OPF Back Systems

Non Resonated (Louder) GPF/OPF Back Systems

Brand: Milltek


Milltek's Non Resonated (Louder) GPF/OPF Back Systems are the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their Audi RS3 exhaust system. With a 76mm pipe diameter, this Cat-Back system is designed to provide the perfect balance between sound and power. Our stainless steel construction ensures that this system will last through any harsh conditions. And with the option to choose from either a Twin Outlet or Quad Outlet configuration, you can customize the sound of your Audi RS3 to your unique style. So, if you're looking for a powerful and aggressive tone, look no further than Milltek's Non Resonated (Louder) GPF/OPF Back Systems.

Fitting Guide

Audi > RS3 > 8Y (2021 - Present) > SportbackAudi > RS3 > 8Y (2021 - Present) > Saloon | Sedan

Part Details


Cat & Filter Back Systems






76mm (3")



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