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Rear Silencers with Milltek Active Valve Control

Rear Silencers with Milltek Active Valve Control

Brand: Milltek


So why should you invest in Milltek's Rear Silencers with Milltek Active Valve Control? Milltek is one of the most trusted names in the performance exhaust industry, with a range of products that are designed to enhance the sound and performance of your car. The Milltek Active Valve Control technology allows you to adjust the sound and exhaust performance of your car, giving you the power to tailor the sound and performance to your own tastes. This technology also ensures that you get the best performance out of your car, with an improved exhaust note and increased power output. So if you're looking for a high-performance exhaust system for your car, then Milltek's Rear Silencers with Milltek Active Valve Control is a great choice. With their superior design, quality materials and advanced technology, you can be sure of a great performance and sound from your car. Get your set today and start enjoying the benefits of a Milltek exhaust system.

Fitting Guide

Mercedes > C-Class > W205 (2014 - Present) > C63 & C63 S (W205) Saloon 4.0 Bi-Turbo V8

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Replacement Parts & Misc




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70mm (2.75")



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