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VRSF B58 Downpipe Upgrade for 2019+ BMW M340i, M440i, M240i, X5 40i & xDrive G20 / G22 / G26 / G05

VRSF B58 Downpipe Upgrade for 2019+ BMW M340i, M440i, M240i, X5 40i & xDrive G20 / G22 / G26 / G05

Brand: VRSF



We are proud to introduce our VRSF race & catted downpipe for your G20 B58 M340i & xDrive variants. This downpipe is THE best bang for the buck mod available. This downpipe is available in both race & catted configuration. Back pressure is significantly reduced by eliminating the restrictive catalytic converter in the factory downpipe with our race or high flow 200 cell race cat which results in faster spool, an increase in power & a more aggressive exhaust note. Our downpipe features a full 4.5″ stainless steel design as well as a CNC 304 grade stainless steel flange that offers a smooth transition from the turbo to the mid pipes. All VRSF downpipes are hand crafted from SS304 grade stainless steel and include a lifetime warranty as well as our “No Hassle” satisfaction guarantee (includes fitment). Please note that the warranty on the catted downpipe is limited to two years. VRSF 4.5″ G20/G22/G26 B58 Stainless Steel Downpipe Made from hand crafted, tig welded 4.5″ 304 grade stainless steel. Available with a 200 cell high flow cat. Fits RHD and LHD models with no modification necessary. Smooth radius bends to decrease turbulence and increase flow. Fits the stock cat back exhaust as well as all aftermarket cat back. Gains from 25-30hp with tune. VRSF Lifetime Warranty This item fits the following BMWs: 2019 – 2022 G20, G22 & G26 B58 BMW M340i & M440i & xDrive 2019 – 2022 F22 B58 BMW M240i & xDrive 2021+ G42 B58 BMW M240i & xDrive 2019+ G05 B58 BMW X5 40i & xDrive

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7 lbs


18 × 6 × 5 in





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